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"Krueger" Moka Pot, 6-cup espresso maker, red

"Krueger" espresso and coffee maker in red - small stovetop espresso still

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   Beautiful red espresso and coffee maker that is truly outstanding by its colorful look opposed to most aluminum pots you can find on the market.

   Our recommendation: Enjoy freshly-brewed coffee within 5 minutes - especially when you are in a hurry in the morning or in a rush to work, a moka pot is the best choice for you. It's a real time saver! This moka pot is not only suitable for espresso, but also produces the finest coffee in no time. We guarantee you will taste the difference.

   What are the advantages of a moka pot opposed to a conventional coffee or espresso machine? Well, some say only a machine can produce the best espresso, but we are not of this opinion. The steam in the moka pot forces its way through the finely ground coffee and by doing so it catches even the finest aromas, transporting them to the upper chamber where the coffee/espresso is collected. The moka pot works like a still that transports all the flavors of the coffee grounds which you can enjoy in your cup after brewing ;-). Plus, you can use all kinds of spices along with the filter baseket, eg. cinnamon or chili which allows to create unique coffee beverages. So why not give it a try?

   Of course, if you really intended to produce alcohol, you could also use this espresso maker for distillations and produce, eg. Whisky, by simply installing a heat-resistant silicon hose to the inner column in the upper chamber of the pot. But for this purpose we would, of course, rather recommend our beautiful copper stills ;-)


  • 6-cup Moka Pot 
  • brand quality by "Krueger"
  • color: red
  • high quality for best espresso and coffee


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