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Mortar and Pestle made of natural wood

Mortar with pestle to grind all sorts of spices or incense as well as resin to make a fine powder usable for your incense burner or charcoal tablets. It is extra tall and slim so you can safely work with your ingredients without wasting anything.

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   Mortar with pestle made of untreated natural wood: Extra tall and slim - it is very suitable to grind spices as well as incense or any other softer material that you wish to pestle. Due to the higher side walls, it is possible to pestle very clean by producing only little waste for a good yield.

   Olibanum is a good example here - it should be be finely ground so that it can be applied on charcoal tablets to obtain a scent which is more intense. By using this natural mortar often for incense, it can cause the wood to adapt the scent and therefore be used to disperse a decent, but nice resinous scent into a room or a scent of nicely flavored spice mixtures that can transform your kitchen ambiance tremendously.


  • extra tall and slim, with pestle
  • natural untreated wood
  • ca. 65 x 100 mm


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