"Moonshiners Choice" American oak wood chips light toasting (40 g)

Oak wood chips for a natural to strong smoky flavor - ideally suitable to use along with our toasted oak barrels for storing your favorite liquor for a short period of time to achieve your desired flavor and color!

Item number: E-7628
Product weight: 40 g
Shipping Weight: 100 g


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"Moonshiners Choice" wood chips American white oak natural (40 g)

Not everyone can expertly store his self-distilled alcohol in a wooden barrel. If you add these wood chips to your self-made alcohol, the aroma and color will change, even in a bottle or a preserving jar, just as if it was stored in a real oak barrel made of white oak.

Ideal for whisky, brandy and wine, but also suitable for good fruit schnapps (e.g. damson plum / apple) and aquavit.



Addition to mash: 10 g - 35 g / 10 liters mash

Addition to finished distillates: 5 g bis 25 g / 10 liters of self-distilled spirits, more according to taste

One bag is sufficient for 15 L up to 80 L

  • oak wood chips, light toasting
  • food-safe
  • Content of sealed bag: 40 g
  • for flavoring & a nice color 
  • sufficient for up to 80 L of distilled spirits

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