"Moonshiners Choice" American oak wood chips strong (40 g)

Oak wood chips for a natural to strong smoky flavor - ideally suitable to use along with toasted oak barrels for storing your favorite liquor for a short period of time to achieve a strong flavor!

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Product weight: 40 g
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   Toasted oak wood chips are used to achieve different levels of flavor in liquors as well as giving it a nice color within a short time. Most distillates have to age several years to unfold their typical taste and color. You can reduce the waiting time enormously by adding the chips to your self-made distillate or a finished liquor. It allows you, eg to influence the level of flavor and you can decide which color intensity the beverage should take on.

   Today, many alcoholic beverages are already produced this way to save time and money to be able to handle the high demand. Normally, a good quality Whisky has to store for a couple of years to age and develop smoky flavors. But time is counterproductive when having to satisfy a market! That's why many producers have been using this alternative for years!

   Recommended usage for mash: 10g to 20g per 10 L mash. For wine use 10g to 35 g per 10 L and if you would like to use them in your self-made spirits, the dosage is as follows: 5g - 25 g per 10 L , more according to taste

  • oak wood chips, strong smoky flavor
  • food-safe
  • Content of sealed bag: 40 g
  • for flavoring & a nice color 
  • sufficient for up to 40 L of liquor

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