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"Baldini" Organic Aroma Cacao 5 ml

Clear cacao aromas from natural essential oils. Ideally suitable for aroma therapies as well as for flavoring food and beverages.

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   Pure cacao aromas! These concentrated 5 ml cacao aromas are made from organic essential oils, carefully produced to ensure a high quality.

   By using these aromas, you will experience a new, great taste and surely enjoy them in a cup of hot milk. You would never think of cacao by only looking at your beverage, but the taste will definitely surprise you. The aromas can be used for any type of beverage and add an extraordinary joy to your life, e.g. in your morning coffee or tea for a perfect start of your day!

   Take it to the next level by adding cacao aromas to vodka or make liqueur adding different types of flavors to it. Your possibilities are endless! They can even be used to disperse a nice scent into a room or be used for aroma therapies.


  • Theobroma cacao, France
  • 100% pure aroma from pure essential oils.

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