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"CopperGarden®" decor still Pelikan, copper 0,5 L

For decoration: beautiful and very decorative still modeled on the alchemist retorts of past times.

Item No.: E-5242

Shipping weight: 1000 g

Availability: Currently out of stock, short waiting period

This beautiful, high-gloss still / retort was modelled on the medieval pelican (the classic distillation device of the old alchemists), and has a boiler with about 500 ml capacity. A gleaming object with attached brass handles and a decorative, free standing cooling coil – because the old masters did not yet know anything about condensers.

   Due to the size and the lack of a condenser it is more suitable as an unusual decor item – on the other hand, the first alchemists did not know about cooling with water and theoretically one could really distil with it.  

A great present for all lovers of exclusive things.

Please note: This still is protected with a lacquer to retain the copper sheen. If you really want to use it for distilling you have to remove the lacquer first. To do this, you have to boil the still in soda water for 20 minutes, then you can peel the lacquer off the surface like a film.


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