Rommelsbacher Preserving Cooker, 28 liters

Recommended Preserving Cooker - with thermostat and discharge cock

Item number: G-6072
Product weight: 5930 g
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   High-quality preserving cooker of German manufacturing with all extras for comfortable preserving of foods and canned goods. Thanks to the discharge cock, this preserver is equally suitable for dispensing drinks like tea, coffee and hot mulled wine. 

   This preserving cooker is equipped with a thermostat which is why we have taken this product into our assortment in the first place. It allows for exact temperature control over a longer period of time which makes it easy to carefully prepare ingredients for, e.g. Whisky mash or other grain mash, since this cooker is as well suitable for beer brewing.

   It is perfect for warming, cooking, juicing and preserving food. A special feature is also the built-in automated clock timer which will not start counting the time until the optimal boiling point has been reached. With this cooker, you can sit back and relax while it is doing all the work for you!

  • Rommelsbacher Preserving Cooker KA1804 white/blue
  • German Manufacturing
  • capacity: 28 liters = 14 glasses
  • suitable for Whisky, corn schnapps and beer production
  • + control lamp, overheat control
  • + acid-resistant 2-layer enameling
  • + juicer connection 230 V 1800 W
  • + insertion grille
  • + integrated discharge cock
  • + fully automated clock timer (120 min)
  • cable length 1,5 m
  • measurements: 46 cm x 39 cm x 48 cm
  • Weight: 6,1 kg

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