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"Prestige" Turbo Yeast Black Label 14%

Prestige Turbo Yeast Black Label for very pure fermentations

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"Prestige" Turbo Yeast Black Label 14 %

Black Label Turbo Yeast 14 - 17 % for a very pure fermentation within 5 days. Extremely temperature tolerant, making it especially suitable for large amounts of mash.

Sufficient for 25 litres of sugar and grain mash or for up to 100 litres of fruit mash. Fermentation is usually complete within 10 to 14 days.

115 grams of dry yeast, nutrient salts, vitamins and minerals. 

Prestige turbo yeast black label for a very aromatic fermentation!




  • Prestige  Black Label 14% turbo yeast, 115 g
  • Slower fermenation, more aroma
  • 14 % Alcohol in 7 days
  • Sufficient for up to 100 litres of fruit mash
  • For 25 litres of sugar or grain mash


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