Sand for Incense Burners, 200 g

A little bag of sand to use along with incense burners. Depending on what you choose to incense, it may be necessary to fill your incense burner with sand in order to avoid unnecessary ashy leftovers which can be very hard to remove.

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   The sand prevents the ashes from having contact with the bottom of your incense burner. This can be necessary if the incense burner is e.g. mostly used for decorative purposes to maintain the beautiful colors which can be darkened of even destroyed by burning ashes.

   It is also very useful to avoid extensive cleaning and ashy scents occurring when the incense has finished burning. Sometimes, dyeing sand can be very decorative too and a real eye-catcher for friends or guests using it along with your incense or simply to show it off.

  • 200 g bag

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