"Speidel" electric fruit mill/crusher

This fantastic fruit mill allows crushing fruits before passing them through the press. Also appropriate for hard fruits.

Item number: G-6409
Product weight: 30000 g
Shipping Weight: 32000 g


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"Speidel" electric fruit mill

   The very best fruit mill! If you need to easily crush a large quantity of apples, pears or quinces before pressing them, from our own experience, we highly recommend the "Speidel" electric fruit mill crusher.

  This "Speidel" fruit mill optimises your yield – up to 1000 kg/h!

  • Electrical connection: 230V / 50 Hz, shockproof electrical plug 
  • 230V~ / 50 Hz / 2.2 KW
  • Weight: Approx. 25 kg, Dimensions: Ø660x1258 mm 
  • noise emission: 75 dB(A) during idle operation 
  • power cable not included
  • Speidel fruit mill = German quality

Regardless of the respective legal requirements, Destillatio offers a dealer warranty of 2 years for this product. Please click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/en/content/destillatio-s-guarantee-policy/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view complete <strong>Destillatio guarantee policy</strong>

<ul> <li>Electrical connection: 230V / 50 Hz, shockproof electrical plug&nbsp;</li> <li>230V~ / 50 Hz / 2.2 KW</li> <li>Weight:&nbsp;Approx. 25 kg,&nbsp;Dimensions:&nbsp;u00d8660x1258 mm&nbsp;</li> <li>noise emission:&nbsp;75 dB(A) during idle operation&nbsp;</li> <li>power cable not included</li> <li>Speidel fruit mill = German quality</li> <li>High yield for large quantities</li> <li>Easy to use and clean</li> <li>Compact and easy to store</li> <li>Hygienic and food safe</li></ul>

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