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"Haws" brass water sprayer

Aesthetic and stylish water sprayer with a sturdy pump. Made by HAWS

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  "Haws" brass water sprayer

   Dry air associated to the heating of our homes can result in severe dehydration for our indoor plants. The solution for plants with smooth leaves is to frequently spray them with fresh (not hard) water, kept at room temperature. Fragile plants need to be sprayed daily. Very decorative, it can be left on the windowsill, ready for use.

   Also very useful during the distillation process, by spraying the Alembic still head to assist the cooling process, you’ll be gaining in aroma. If you feel that you’ve caught cold, you can improve indoor air quality by moistening radiators and walls, eventually adding a drop of essential oils to your water (camphor, eucalyptus, mint, etc.)  


  • Water sprayer made in the UK
  •  Made by HAWS
  •  0.3L capacity
  • Sturdy pump
  • Materials used: Brass, water resistant


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