Jewelry: still-shaped pendant, 925 Sterling Silver

Unique piece of jewelry for all distillers. Still-shaped pendant made of 925 sterling silver, made exclusively for us and available only from us.

Item number: E-5709
Product weight: 6 g
Shipping Weight: 100 g


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Jewelry still-shaped pendant, 925 Sterling Silber

Still-shaped jewelry! New and specially made for us by a silversmith. Show the world that you are a distiller! Lovely, small still made of genuine 925 sterling silver. We own up to being distillers and wear our little stills with pride. The small alembic stills were made specially for us and are available only from us!

Do you like special, unusual things? Then this iconic still-shaped jewelry is just the right thing for you.

These lovely, small still-shaped pieces of jewelry were casted just for us.  

We supply the pendant (without chain or earrings) in pretty gift wrapped packaging. We can also offer a chain as an accessory – since you might want to put it on immediately.

  • Delicate still-shaped jewelry 
  • Pendant made of 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gift wrapped
  • Exclusively from us
  • Present for distillers

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