3x coasters made of cork - square

Robust coasters made of cork, very heat-resistant. We recommend these coasters for our copper pans so that you don't accidentally burn something

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3x coasters made of cork - square

We love these coasters made of cork because they offer protection in several ways. You can safely place a hot pan on any surface without scratching or burning anything. Even heat-sensitive plastic surfaces or painted surfaces will not be damaged. This is what the coasters are actually made for. They prevent the pan from transferring heat to your table or worktop.

But the coasters can do a lot more. The insulating effect is so good that you can carry a hot pan or a hot pot with the saucer without burning your hands. The anti-scratch effect is even better. We recommend putting a trivet in the pan in the kitchen cupboard at home, but especially in the mobile home or when camping before you put a second pan or a pot in it. In this way you are guaranteed to prevent any scratches in every coating and surface and preserve the value of your copper equipment.

The insulating effect is also useful when distilling, because you can also place the corks between the ghost pipe and the kettle and significantly reduce heat transfer. 

  • 3 pieces of square coasters made of cork in a set - 3x different sizes for every purpose
  • Cork is a sustainable natural material with extremely good insulating properties
  • Ideal as heat protection for your table and worktop as well as when serving
  • Also as height compensation and temperature lock when distilling
  • Excellent stability despite the soft surface - ideal anti-scratch protection when stacking your pots and pans

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