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Alcotec: turbo yeast Triple Still

An efficient turbo yeast for producing your own alcohol – a pack yields 25 liters of 20% proof alcohol.

Item No.: E-7208

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Alcotec: turbo yeast Triple Still

   This special turbo yeast with activated carbon from Alcotec in Sweden yields an especially high alcohol content – and at the same time a largely clarified and neutral alcohol as a base for your own liqueurs and alcopops. You obtain up to 20% proof alcohol from sugar water – completely without distilling. However, you can also distil the yield, maybe even three times ( as the name indicates) – you then obtain a very good neutral grain spirit as base for your own schnapps.  

   Dry yeast, yeast additive, activated carbon, contents 255 gram pack for 25 liters clear alcohol for drinking, even without distilling.


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