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Water bath MS "Hobby" still, 1.2 litres with alcohol burner

A brilliantly thought out distillation still, ideal for hobby distillers.

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Water bath MS "Hobby" still, 1.2 litres with alcohol burner

This very handy little still is ideal for hobby distillers who grow their own fruit. The hemispherical head of the boiler is inspired by the MS “Hobby” 1.8 litres model, only its capacity is reduced to 1.2 litres because of the double boiler. 
Designed to be easy and safe to use, the hemispherical boiler head has a quick closing system to securely make it air-tight. The optimal diameter of the connecting pipe allows constant transfer of the flavoured distillates to the condenser. Both ends of the pipe are screwed on with brass nuts. The condenser has a water intake and outlet for optimized cooling.

The boiler has a metal support which is fitted with a powerful and reliable alcohol burner. All in all, we’re delighted to add this new still to our product line, especially when considering the know-how of the manufacturer.

Due to its double boiler fitted with a pressure security valve and other accessories, this distillation apparatus is completely unique worldwide! This still will prevent your fruit mash from burning or sticking to the bottom of the boiler, making it ideal for distilling damson plums, cherry plums, apples or pears.



  • Copper MS "Hobby" 1,2 litre still
  • Delivered with its stand, alcohol burner, double boiler of a capacity of 1.2 litres, fast-lock head, connecting pipe and a 1.4 litre condenser.
  • Made to be stable, handy and sturdy; simple to use – ideal for household use.
  • The ideal table still – with its water intake and outlet to optimize the cooling circuit. 
  • EU quality standards. Completely unique with its double boiler. 



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