Everything for distilling schnapps!

Stills in a wide range of sizes for distilling schnapps, for private and commercial use. We provide the largest selection and the right accessories for distilling and for your still.

From absinthe to whisky: we know how to distil – just ask us, we´ll be happy to help you further!

Copper pots & copper boilers

Make the most out of the unique features of copper in your kitchen! Copper offers more advantages than any other material: the best heat conductivity, easy to work with, an exclusive appearance, and much more…

We have a wide selection of copper pots, copper boilers and copper pans – you´re sure to find the right one in our shop…

Exhibition & decoration

Are you looking for something special for your shelf, your desk or your garden? Or for commercial use? For a display window, a bar or a restaurant?

Then you´re sure to find it here! Unique decoration and exhibition pieces directly from our warehouse. And we´d be happy to forge exclusively to your specifications…

Feuerzangenbowle & fondue

Copper pots and boilers for your festivities! Copper boilers and accessories for mulled wine, Feuerzangenbowle and fondue for up to 400 people, immediately available for our warehouse.

Serve your favourite dishes stylishly in copper utensils – we supply the accessories and let you in on the best recipes.


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