"CopperGarden®" miniature Alquitara 0,5L tealight candle

The still for small, uncomplicated brandy distillation – just for fun – maybe on a romantic evening for two.

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CopperGarden miniature Alquitara 0,5L with tealight candle

   0,5 liter still patterned on the original Arabian alquitara still. This premium quality crafted model is suitable especially for small amounts of aromatic schnapps and brandy. Simply pour a little wine (maybe mulled wine at Christmas?) into the boiler of the still and heat with a spirit lamp. After a short while the wine starts to boil and the first drops of your own "house wine" begin to drip out of the still.

   We supply every still with a 16-page instruction booklet with countless ideas and suggestions. Please notice particularly the fine details in the pictures – we have put a lot of effort into bestowing an attractive appearance to this model, in addition to the functional features. Last but not least, the filigree-worked stand for the small brandy bowl lends an exclusive, upscale overall impression to this still.  

   Please note that the tealight is a little too weak to heat the boiler quickly. If you want to distil more, we recommend using a lighting gel (sterno) or spirit lamp. We supply the same  still with an included copper spirit burner.  


Important information:

Distillation is strictly regulated or even forbidden in some countries. Please inform yourself and pay attention to the regulations in your country. We can ship worldwide, but we cannot check if you are allowed to own a still. Shipping within the EU is completely unrestricted. For shipping to countries outside the EU we have to affix the invoice and shipping list to the outside of the package. Up to now we have never had problems with the importation of our stills into other countries. 



  • Copper still Alquitara 0,5 liter with tealight candle
  • Width approx. 180 mm, depth approx. 135 mm, height approx. 284 mm
  • Total volume boiler approx. 650ml 
  • Copper weight: approx. 348 grams, total weight: approx. 660 grams
  • Material: plain copper, partially hammered, polished, wood & wrought iron

Regardless of the respective legal requirements, Destillatio offers a dealer warranty of 2 years for this product. Please click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/en/content/destillatio-s-guarantee-policy/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view complete <strong>Destillatio guarantee policy</strong>

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