Copper cauldrons, plain

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plain copper caldrons


  Copper cauldrons made of plain copper for brewing, preparing cheese dishes, boiling, simmering or simply just because our copper pots are so pretty. We have rustic, premium-quality, hand-forged copper utensils, which you can use any time for normal cooking, but also over an open fire.  

   All copper cauldrons are individually hand-forged and the top end is reinforced with a firmly rivited wrought-iron band. Because of this, you can use the "CopperGarden®" copper cauldron filled to the brim and suspended. The bottom is somewhat flattened, so the pot can be also be placed and heated on a gas burner or, if necessary, on a hot plate which is large enough.


Copper cauldrons without tin-coating:

Copper cauldrons, plain