Data protection with Destillatio

The data protection notice on this page is provided to give you an overview of the information that we collect and what we do with it. A more detailed version examined and confirmed by lawyers of the German “Händlerbund” can be found in the category “data protection”. If you are a competitor or a lawyer and feel obliged to issue a written warning to us due to formal errors, please read the detailed data protection category first. This text is merely dedicated to our clients and serves as information.

1.) How do we collect data?

Upon your visit on our website, data is collected automatically. Furthermore, all data that you submit is processed. 

2.) What type of data do we collect?

Technical data:
  We collect domain names or IP addresses of your computer, the data request of the client (file name and URL), the HTTP answer code and the webpage that you visit us from.

 We use cookies for important website functions. Cookies are small text files that we must use in order to customize your website experience, for example, to save your favourite product in the shopping cart or to recognize you upon revisiting our website to facilitate the login as a registered customer. For this reason, cookies will be temporarily stored on your computer and in your browser.

We create anonymous usage profiles of common tracking services and cookies (third-party cookies). Such a profile contains information about the user behaviour on our websites. It is not possible to associate this data with you - your data remains anonymous at all times. You can object to the creation of these profiles by configuration of your browser in a way that prevents saving cookies and deletes all data at the end of a browsing session. You find this information in the help section of your browser.
Several websites contain buttons that include social media, for example Facebook, which allow you to recommend our products online. If you click on this button, data can be collected by this website operator: IP address, browser information, operating system, screen resolution, installed browsers and plugins (e.g. Adobe Flash Player), browser history if you followed a link (referrer), URL of the current website.

How do we use your data?

We use it for technical functions and to provide content on our Destillatio website. Furthermore, it is used to create anonymous user profiles that we need for our statistics, advertisement and market research – if you do not object to the collection of this data. We use your data within the confines of the law. The full responsibility for the processing of the data remains with UNICOBRES GmbH & Co. KG.

What are your rights? 

1. Information 
2. Deletion 
3. Correction
4. Objection

If you have questions or need further information in regards to your personal data, please contact our data protection officer:  Frau Karla van Ooijen, Kirchweg 5, D-36132 Eiterfeld, E-Mail:

The information provided in this text serves as an overview of the data protection notice.
Our complete data protection notice can be found here: Privacy policy