Alcohol measuring instruments

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Alcoholmeters, vinometers and must scales

   Have you always wanted to know if the alcohol content in your drink is correct? Then this is the right category for you! We supply you with alcoholmeters and accessories which are optimal for recreational use.

  Alcoholmeter: With an alcoholmeter you can measure all water-alcohol mixtures. An alcoholmeter sinks into a liquid to different depths, depending on the water-alcohol ratio. Where the surface of the liquid touches the alcoholmeter shows the alcohol content. Use an alcoholmeter for all kinds of distillates (schnapps, fruit brandies, whisky, vodka, brandy, etc.)

   Vinometer: With a vinometer you can ascertain the alcohol content according to how fast the liquid drips. This functions (as the name suggests) only with wine. The liquid component of a fermented mash is actually also a wine. Therefore, you can filter the liquid out of any mash and thus measure the alcohol content of the mash.

  Ochslemeter: An ochslemeter measures the weight of the must and thus the sugar content of your mash before fermentation. On the basis of this result, you can roughly estimate the percentage of alcohol you can expect to obtain (and using your own judgement maybe also increase the yield by adding sugar).

But how can one measure the alcohol content in a liqueur?  

   Since a liqueur contains sugar, the specific weight is different to that in pure water-alcohol mixtures. Therefore you cannot simply measure a liqueur with an alcoholmeter or vinometer. When you produce your own liqueur it helps if you can calculate a bit. For example, if you mix 1 liter of 40% alcohol with 1liter of alcohol-free base ingredient for your liqueur (juice / syrup, etc.), then you obtain 2 liters of liqueur with 20% alcohol. 

    If you would like to determine exactly the alcohol content later, then the only possibility is a test distillation with special laboratory equipment in a specialised shop which costs much more than 1000,- EU.

Alcohol measuring instruments