"Al-Ambik®" Automatic Oil Separator | Copper & Glass

Continuously operating copper oil separator with removable glass tube for visual inspection. Best Al-Ambik® brand quality and at the same time the best oil separator we know. You can separate the hydrosol directly from the oil during distillation and add further distillations. A great device if you are distilling essential oils.

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"Al-Ambik®" Oil Separator

With this wonderful oil separator, you can collect the precious essential oils visibly during the distillation process while the hydrosol is being redirected. The function is very simple: just place the oil separator under the outlet of your still. For most essential oils, the fresh distilled hydrosol-oil mixture separates without any intervention. The essential oils collect visibly in the glass tube, while the hydrosol can be hygienically and flawlessly directed through the copper overflow and into a bottle.

We highly recommend this high-quality device specifically for the production of essential oils, especially when distilling highly oil-rich plants and when working continuously. Even with the unregistered 2-liter stills, the oil separator proves to be very useful, especially when efficiently distilling the same plant material multiple times in a row. The oil separator is suitable for all stills ranging from 2 to 60 liters. You will love it.

The own volume of the oil separator is only 63 ml, which is why you can also use this wonderful device with small stills. We have tested it with the EasyMoonshine, Essence column still, 2 Leonardo, and Alquitara Plus and achieved excellent results. The plant water reliably drains to the side, while the essential oils collect in the glass tube and can be extracted after distillation using a safety pipette. If the tube accidentally breaks, it can be easily replaced in the updated version (since 2019). We can provide suitable replacement tubes if necessary.

Important Note:

This oil separator is manufactured for us in Ukraine! Fortunately, the manufacturing facility is still operational but is working under significantly challenging conditions. We have increased the selling price by 10 euros and will donate 20 euros to Welthungerhilfe for every sale during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

  • "Al-Ambik®" continuously operating glass and copper oil separator with removable glass tube.
  • Developed by CopperGarden® and Al-Ambik® | Perfected down to the smallest detail since 2019
  • Ideal for the continuous separation of essential oils from hydrosols during distillation
  • Developed through matured functionality at the former Aromamuseum Buchenau and the Distilliermobil
  • Suitable for all stills from 2 to 60 liters. Ideal if you want to produce larger quantities of essential oils

<h1>"Al-Ambiku00ae" continuous oil separator</h1> <ul> <li>Oil separator for automatic separation of essential oils from hydrosol during distillation</li> <li>European brand quality from Al-Ambik</li> <li>Developed from our own experience</li> <li>The best oil separator known to us</li> <li>New model: since 2019 with replaceable glass tube</li> <li>Spare parts (glass tube) available</li> <li>Materials: glass, copper &amp; brass</li> <li>Vegan production without animal products</li> <li>CO2-neutral shipping from our own warehouse in the center of Germany</li> <li>Copper with 80% recycled content (conflict-free)</li> <li>Manufactured with great love and expertise for you</li> <li>Handcrafted individual production as a boutique item</li> <li>Base plate diameter: 12 cm</li> <li>Glass cylinder diameter: 20 mm / 17.5 mm</li> <li>Outlet diameter: 10 mm / 8 mm</li> <li>Volume: 63 ml</li> <li>Height: 28.5 cm</li> <li>Weight: 240 grams</li> <li>Two-piece: delivered disassembled and easily assembled</li> <li>2-year extended warranty from us as a dealer (Please refer to our warranty statement).</li> <li>We donate 20 euros to a relief organization for Ukraine with every sale</li></ul>

<h1>Important Notice: Donation for Ukraine</h1> <p>This oil separator is manufactured in Ukraine for us. Therefore, we have increased the price by 10 euros and will donate 20 euros to Welthungerhilfe for use in Ukraine for every sale, as long as the situation persists. If you do not wish to contribute, please let us know when placing your order, and we will donate to the local fire department in our hometown of Buchenau instead.</p> <p>This has happened once so far.</p>

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