"CopperGarden®" tea kettle 1.5 litres | copper with wooden handle

Beautiful timeless teapot made of real copper. Coated with 100 % food-safe tin. Very stylish and appealing classic design

Item number: U-3000
Product weight: 555 g
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"CopperGarden®" tea kettle 1.5 litres with handle

Beautiful teapot in a timeless design made of real copper. This classic kettle in modern design is a particularly decorative gem, but the best thing is that you can of course use it as a kettle on a conventional electric hotplate, gas stove or fireplace. With glass ceramic hobs, you must expect transmission losses, because the kettle then only sits on the edges.

It's even better to use it as a typical tea kettle and pour fresh tea or tea bags with hot water from a water boiler. The kettle is completely made of fine copper sheet, EU manufactured goods and inside the teapot is food-safe tin-lining.

Thanks to the perfect thermal conductivity of the copper, you can always see from the outside whether your tea is still warm, and if not, the pot also optimally keeps warm on a teapot warmer or a hotplate to heat it up again in no time. 

  • CopperGarden®" teapot with 1.5 litre capacity
  • Pure copper, food-grade tinned with brass/wood handle
  • Beautiful decorative piece with full function as a kettle, coffee pot or teapot
  • Ø bottom 17.5 cm; ↕ without handle 15 cm; ↕ with handle 22 cm; ↔ 21 cm
  • Weight: 530 g; capacity: approx. 1.6 litres

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