"CopperGarden®" Copper Ladle and Skimmer with wooden handle

Lovely and sturdy ladle and skimmer set - just right for your copper kettle or pot

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Product weight: 240 g
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"CopperGarden®" Copper Ladle and Skimmer with wooden handle

This beautiful set consists of a handy ladle with a pouring tip and a flat skimmer. A great set for all those who like to cook with copper. Thanks to the wooden handle, the temperature is not transferred to the handle and at the end, both spoons have a copper hook for hanging.

These two little helpers are beautiful, lie well in the hand and are also very well suited to be hung decoratively in the kitchen. Copper utensils are something to be proud of, the eye eats with you when you use them!

  • CopperGarden® ladle and ladle made of copper with wooden handle and copper hanger.
  • Hand-forged with love: European manufactured goods
  • Brand quality from the CopperGarden® forge
  • Antibacterial - Antiviral - Antimagnetic - Antifungal
  • Ladle with pouring tip for spreading and serving
  • Handle length 17 cm wood - 20 cm total
  • Size: approx. 28 cm, Trowel diameter 10 cm, skimmer approx. 12 cm

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<h2>CopperGardenu00ae Set Copper Skimmer and Ladle</h2> <p>-Very nice handy ladle plus ladle with wooden handle<br />-Wooden handle: fits comfortably in the hand<br />-Flat skimmer for skimming off foam and spices<br />-Ladle incl. pouring spout<br />-Weight: each only approx. 120 grams = light and easy to use<br />-Weight: weighed on the sample: 119 grams<br />-Material: bright copper<br />-With copper hook for hanging<br />-Handle length 17 cm wood - 20 cm total<br />-Size: approx. 28 cm<br />-Trowel diameter 10 cm, skimmer approx. 12 cm<br />-Antiviral - Antibacterial - Antimagnetic - Antifungal<br />-Brass handle riveted to the handle<br />-European manufactured goods (handmade under fair conditions!)<br />-Vegan = without animal materials in production<br />-Easy to clean = just rinse with water<br />-Can be polished again with vinegar water<br />-We recommend oiling the handles with olive oil before first use.</p>

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