"Baumalu" Copper Pot 24 cm / 4 litres, tin-lined with lid

Fine copper pot 24 cm diameter with lid. Acid-proof, tin-lined and with high quality wrought-iron handles

Item number: U-6632
Product weight: 1600 g
Shipping Weight: 2000 g


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4 L Copper Pot, tin-lined interior with lid

A fine copper pot that will last a lifetime and guarantee a lot of joy in the kitchen. Also ideal for serving food directly from the table - copper is a real eyecatcher. 

Easy to handle due to the 100 % food-safe tin lining and its non-stick effect. Perfect to use for all heat sources, except induction. The pot can be used with all acidic foods due to the protective tin lining and the excellent heat conductivity of copper guarantees best results compared to stainless steel and aluminium pots that do not have these properties. 


  • Baumalu 24 cm copper pot with lid, 4 litres holding capacity
  • polished copper in sturdy quality, made in France
  • Food-safe tin lining, acid-proof
  • Copper has the best heat conductivity of all materials. Suitable for hobby and commercial use 

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