"CopperGarden®" copper cauldron/witches' cauldron, 20 L

Our top-seller: a sturdy handcrafted copper pot/witches' caldron for cooking over an open flame or to use with a gas burner. Smaller sizes can also be used with electric hotplates

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Product weight: 3650 g
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Sturdy copper cauldron with wrought-iron handle. Ideally suited to use with a fireplace or over open fire. Since the cauldron is flattened at the bottom, it could also be operated on gas burners or electric hotplates. 

Cauldrons of this type are still used for many traditional dishes such as the famous French fish soup Boullabaise or octopus stew. You can even melt chocolate in it or cook jam. It is also used for cheese production due to the pure copper material which is ideally suitable for this purpose. 

And last but not least, this cauldron is a very decorative object - and not just at medieval markets.

  • dimensions: 20 L holding capacity, H 26 cm, W 34 cm, diameter (top) 27 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg, pure copper
  • ​EU brand quality
  • for cooking over an open flame or with gas burners
  • top quality

<h2>"CopperGardenu00ae" copper kettle 20L</h2> <p>Copper kettle made of bare copper</p> <p>-With reinforcement and carrying handle made of wrought iron<br />-Very stable, can be hung over the fireplace for cooking<br />-Heat resistant for cooking on fire, in embers, on grill or gas stove<br />-Works also on electric stove in case of need (with some limitations)<br />-Made for you with love and expertise<br />-Honest handwork from European manufacture<br />-Vegan production without animal products<br />-100% lead-free processing<br />-Copper with at least 80% recycled content (conflict-free copper)<br />-CO2 neutralized shipping directly from our own warehouse in the Rhu00f6n region<br />-Very durable = very sustainable<br />-Height without eyelets: 26.5 cm<br />-Height with eyelets: 30 cm<br />-Width: 37 cm<br />-Diameter kettle bottom: 22 cm<br />-Diameter kettle belly: 36 cm<br />-Boiler opening diameter: 28 cm<br />-Weight: 3 kg<br />-Handle &amp; eyelets made of black painted wrought iron</p> <p><strong>NOTE:</strong> The kettle should not be heated up dry.<br />Please add water or oil and other ingredients before heating it up</p>

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