Gardening equipment

Gardening equipment, gardening tools, copper buckets and watering cans 

copper gardening tools from destillatio

   Gardening equipment made from copper? Yes, copper is an extremely versatile metal and offers a lot more than you would expect, even in the garden. There are many reasons why you should use PKS copper gardening tools, the most important of them we have listed below. Through abrasion during the use of copper gardening tools, traces of copper find their way into the earth.


 These play an important role in the enzymatic processes in garden soil and in the improvement of it. In addition to that, copper has much less frictional resistance than iron or steel. Copper tools go into the earth much easier and less soil sticks to them! Copper is not magnetic. The natural magnetic field is therefore hardly disturbed during working with copper gardening equipment and this also improves the water content in the earth. 

Mineralize the earth with our copper gardening tools!

Gardening equipment