mashing and fermenting

Special yeasts for alcohol production

   We supply a big selection of different distillation and wine yeasts. But which yeast for which purpose? We have given some tipson the individual yeasts below.  

Yeasts - fresh and dry  

   Fresh yeast is suitable for the production of aromatic wines, cider and fruit mash. Portwein yeast, for example, is most suitable for the distillation of fruits. We recommend using additional yeast nutrient salt for a vigorous fermentation. 

Turbo yeast  

   Turbo yeast is best suited if you are in a hurry or if maximum alcohol yield is your goal. You will achieve the best results if you add sugar to the mash. Turbo yeast is also the best for the production of alcohol from sugar water, or for fermentation at higher temperatures. The yeast nutrient salts are already included. Tip from German customs: Turbo yeast must not be used for the production of brandy in licensed distilleries! 

Vodka & Whisky yeasts  

   These have enzymes for the conversion of starch to sugar. They are ideally suited if you want to make potato or grain mash for vodka or whisky, because these particular turbo yeasts specialize in that. Here is a whisky recipe for motivation!