The MoonshinersChoice® All-Purpose Dry Yeast

Our recommendation: Dry yeast (selected pure yeast) from Canada is suited for all fermentations. The yeast is able to ferment at higher temperature ranges due to its good temperature stability. Ideal for mash, must and wine to receive a good yield of alcohol.

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   Dry yeast/selected pure yeast optimal for alcohol production due to a high temperature stability. Additionally, foaming can be avoided to a very large extent with these carefully selected yeast cultures. Fermentation begins at 10°C with the yeast cultures able to endure to a maximum of 32°C. The ideal temperatures are between 17 and 23°C – for uncomplicated fermentation at room temperature.


   Along with the yeast, we can provide the nutrient salts, best suitable for these cultures to guarantee successful fermentation by giving the yeast everything it needs to produce up to 20 % vol. For this and many more reasons, we strongly recommend this yeast to you for a safe fermentation. Specially suited for beginners!

  • Temperature range: 10°C – 32°C
  • Optimal temperature: 18°C – 25°C
  • 5 g bag, sealed (for up to 50 L of mash)
  • No foaming to a large extent
  • Storing between 5°C and 15°C is best.

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