Arauner Airlock "Hobby II" for winemaking

Practical two-piece airlock: Reliably prevents the contamination of your wine with bacteria and unwanted wild yeasts.

Item number: A-0230
Product weight: 120 g
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Arauner Airlock "Hobby II"

Two-piece airlock "Hobby II" in a small box with user manual. Ideal for winemaking, it prevents bacteria, impurities and unwanted wild yeasts from entering the wine

An airlock is a good indicator for the end of the fermentation process. Once gases do not escape the airlock any longer, the fermentation is about to be complete.

The "Hobby II" is the larger-sized airlock and fits must containers to a size of up to 100 litres and above. Fermentations with turbo yeast are also possible with this airlock.

A rubber plug or a fermenting cap is required and not included in delivery. It will fit any size with a 17 mm hole.

  • Arauner two-piece airlock "Hobby II"
  • Easy to clean, transparent plastic material
  • Food-proof and alcohol-resistant, for up to 100 litres of wine
  • Fits 17 mm rubber plugs/fermentation caps
  • Rubber plug not included in delivery

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