Al-Ambik® Oechslemeter

A simple Oechslemeter for assessing the sugar content of your mash or must - German brand quality with a legible scale.

Item number: E-2180
Product weight: 42 g
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Al-Ambik® Oechslemeter

   The Al-Ambik® Oechslemeter is produced in Germany and is used for measuring the sugar content of your mash and must. The Oechslemeter should ideally swim freely in your must. The best thing is to use a graduated measuring cylinder which we recommend as an accessory. For this Oechslemeter a 100 ml cylinder is sufficient, but even better is the larger 250 ml cylinder.

   By means of the immersion depth of the Oechslemeter you can then read on the scale the sugar content of your mash, and consequently calculate the alcohol content you can expect to obtain.

  • Oechslemeter
  • German manufacturer 
  • Uncomplicated to use
  • For measuring the Oechsle scale
  • Suitable for mash and must


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