"CopperGarden®" Copper Kettle 3 Liters | with Lid | Witch's Cauldron

The smallest of our wonderful witch's cauldrons, complete with a lid in a set! Suitable for cooking over an open fire, as well as for gas and conventional electric stovetops.

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"CopperGarden®" 3 Liter Copper Kettle with Lid

This rustic copper kettle has been lovingly hand-forged from pure copper and equipped with a wrought-iron suspension. It is a typical witch's cauldron that can also be used in a modern kitchen on a gas or electric stove thanks to its flat bottom.

The kettle comes with a finely crafted wrought-iron reinforcement and a handle, making it easy to lift and hang safely over a fire pit or in a fireplace. In this set, we provide the matching lid.

Surprise your guests with something unique and cook in genuine copper. Prepare delicious dishes in a traditional copper kettle instead of grilling. You can place the kettle directly in the embers, but it should never hang empty above the fire as this could lead to material fatigue. Once you roast, cook, brew, or simmer something, the kettle will serve you well and bring joy for generations to come.

Cooking in a copper kettle is a lot of fun. Give it a try!

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  • CopperGarden® Witch's Cauldron with a 3 liter capacity, lovingly hand-forged from pure copper and equipped with a lid
  • Very robust hand-forged copper kettle suitable for cooking on gas flames, electric cooktops, grills, or open fires
  • An indestructible typical kettle in a traditional form, perfect for camping, outdoor cooking, and at home
  • Forged with great care in a small workshop according to the CopperGarden quality standards

<p>Regardless of the legal warranty, Destillatio offers you a two-year full dealer warranty on this item. Click <strong><a href="https://www.destillatio.eu/content/destillatio-garantie/" target="_blank">here</a></strong> to view the <strong>Destillatio Warranty Declaration</strong>.</p>

<h2>"CopperGardenu00ae" Copper Kettle 3 Liters with Lid</h2> <p><b>Authentic copper witch's cauldron with wrought-iron suspension and handle</b></p> <ul> <li>Hand-forged copper kettle with lid, in the 3-liter size</li> <li>Ideal for jams, chutneys, stews, soups, cheese, yogurt, etc.</li> <li>The smallest of all authentic witch's cauldrons</li> <li>Suitable for brewing and simmering</li> <li>Can also be used for searing and cooking at high heat</li> <li>Ideal for grilling, embers, gas flames, and open fire</li> <li>Thanks to its flat bottom, it is also suitable for electric cooktops and glass ceramic surfaces</li> <li>Height without handles: 15 cm | Height with handles: 18 cm | Height with handle: 25 cm</li> <li>Diameter of kettle body: 18 cm | Diameter of bottom: 11.5 cm | Diameter of kettle opening inside: 15.5 cm</li> <li>Volume: approximately 3 liters | Weight: 1.2 kg</li> <li>Reinforced wrought-iron suspension for secure cooking over a fire or in a fireplace</li> <li>Handles, suspension, and loops made of black protective-coated wrought iron</li> <li>Lovingly and expertly hand-forged in a European workshop</li> <li>EU brand-quality</li> <li>Vegan manufacturing without animal products</li> <li>CO2-neutral shipping from the expert in copperware in the center of Germany</li></ul>

<h2>Cooking in Bare Copper: How to and What to Consider?</h2> <p>This copper kettle has been hand-forged for you from pure, bare copper and equipped with a sturdy wrought-iron suspension. The kettle has a flat bottom and can also be used on an electric cooktop. When cooking with this wonderful kettle, please be careful not to overheat the copper. Copper starts to work at temperatures above 250u00b0C. In this case, the bottom could potentially warp and lose contact with a flat electric cooktop (Ceran), resulting in reduced heat transfer and increased energy consumption.</p> <p>If you cook with gas, over a fire, or directly in the embers, you can continue to heat the kettle. Copper remains stable up to about 800 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, we recommend that you never heat the kettle empty and always add oil or water in a timely manner. Typically, temperatures above 220u00b0C are completely unnecessary, as most oils burn much earlier when frying. Please pay attention to the smoke point. Once you overheat your oil, it becomes unhealthy.</p> <p>Due to the properties of bare copper, you can perfectly prepare things like jams, chutneys, cheese, yogurt, chocolate, or roasted almonds. However, we advise against leaving finished "regular" dishes in the kettle.</p> <p>If you also want to serve directly from the kettle or use it for all types of foods like a regular cooking pot, we recommend choosing the tin-plated version. Tin is heat resistant up to 232 degrees Celsius and protects the copper as well as your food.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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