Small copper tools

Copper gardening tools - only the best for your garden.  

Gardenting tools made out of copper

  Copper is a very versatile metal and offers much more that one expects, even in gardening.There are a lot of good reasons for using gardening tools made of copper. We have listed the most important in the next paragraph. Abrasion during the use of copper tools allows trace elements of copper to be transfered to the soil, and this plays an essential part the enzymatic process.

   In addition to that, copper has notably less frictional resistance than iron or steel. Because of that, copper equipment penetrates the soil easier and less earth sticks on to it. Copper is not magnetic, so the earth´s natural elctrostatic field is hardly disturbed while working with copper gardening tools. This improves the balance of water in the soil and the behaviour of snails.

Copper mineralizes the soil and is rumored to keep away snails!

Small copper tools