PVC Hose 10 x 13 mm, clear & food-grade

Clear food-grade PVC hose. Ideal to use as cooling water hose for our compact stills between 2 and 5 litres.

Item number: E-6225
Product weight: 88 g
Shipping Weight: 200 g


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PVC Hose 10 x 13 mm, clear & food-grade

Translucent flexible hose made of food-grade silicone. Ideal for all distillations and alcohol-resistant (up to 20% vol.). Easy transfer of beverages into bottles and containers.

Diverse application possibilities. The specifications refer to the interior and exterior diameter of the hose. The price is for one metre, so if you order several meters at once, you will receive them as a connected piece.

  • PVC hose, clear; 10 x 13 mm
  • Price per metre
  • Food-grade & alcohol-proof
  • Temperature resistance: up to 35°C
  • Alcohol-proof: up to 20%

<ul> <li>PVC hose, clear; 10&nbsp;x 13&nbsp;mm</li> <li>Price per&nbsp;metre</li> <li>Food-grade&nbsp;&amp; alcohol-proof</li> <li>Temperature resistance:&nbsp;up to 35u00b0C</li> <li>Alcohol-proof: up to 20%</li></ul>

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