"Vaello" professional catering and indoor gas burner (60 cm)

Indoor gas burner with impressive 60 cm diameter for especially large pans and pots. With ignition guard - also suitable for food industry.

Item number: G-98682
Product weight: 7000 g
Shipping Weight: 12000 g


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"Vaello" professional catering and indoor gas burner (60 cm) 

This large gas burner from the well-known manufacturer Vaello in Spain is used in Spanish restaurants for cooking the famous paella. Due to the identical safety requirements according to the respective European rules and standards, the equipment can also be used in the German food industry and indoors.

   We supply this special professional catering gas burner in three different sizes from 38 - 60 cm and refitted with the screw thread for the German DIN standard gas connection and gas pressure. This is the largest model and has a 60 cm diameter.

   You can screw on any commercial gas hose, connect the gas burner to your gas cylinder and start cooking or distilling. Shipment without gas hose.

   The individual gas rings can be independently regulated.

  • Vaello catering / indistrial burner 
  • Diameter: 60 cm with three rings 
  • Propane operating pressure: 50 mBar output: 31,4 kw consumption: 2,13 kg/h 
  • 2 years guarantee

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