"VAELLO" Paella gas burner, 20 cm, single flame

Convenient gas burner with 20cm diameter for all stills, pots and pans with the appropriate diameter and for smaller paella pans up to 28cm.

Item number: G-9707
Product weight: 1150 g
Shipping Weight: 4000 g


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Spanish gas ring burner for paella pans (as well as for pots and stills).  

    Small stills can be easily used on a normal kitchen stove. However, larger stills, pots or paella pans need a proper fire - or a large gas burner like this single-ring, 20 cm gas burner. It is ideally suitable for all paella pans  from 20 cm to 30 cm.

   A further advantage of this Spanish paella burner is the big flame which evenly spreads the heat over a wide area. Please note that we can supply different gas connections and can normally deliver the appropriate connectors for the country of delivery.  


  • Vaello 20 cm Paella gas burner
  • suitable for: Propane, Butane; 5 KW
  • pressure: 50 mBar, single-flame
  • gas consumption butane: 0,36 kg/h; Propane: 0,32 kg/h 
  • two-years guarantee, height: 9.5 cm 

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