"CopperGarden®" bottle holder Alquitara on copper base

Stand for miniature bottles of alcohol in the shape of an alquitara still, on copper base

Item number: E-5068
Product weight: 114 g
Shipping Weight: 350 g


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"CopperGarden®" bottle holder Alquitara on copper base

   This small, high-gloss alquitara is decoratively attached to a sturdy copper base. Beside the still a copper holder is riveted onto the base and serves a bottle holder for miniature schnapps bottles. The bottle holder is coated with a protective lacquer so that it retains its polished copper sheen for many years. Lovely and easy to care …    

   An original bottle holder, and not only for collectors of coveted miniature bottles. A great present for all lovers of distilling, especially in combination with an appropriate little bottle (maybe even self-distilled?). 

Delivery does not include the small port wine bottle in the picture.

  • Bottle holder Alquitara
  • Width approx. 115 mm, depth approx. 80 mm, height approx. 100 mm 
  • Copper weight: approx. 110 grams, pack weight: 154 grams, shipping weight: 400 grams
  • Material: polished copper, high-gloss, protective lacquer 
  • Use: decoration & holder for bottles up to 0,2 L 


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