"CopperGarden®" bottle holder "Alembik 2,5L", oxidized - for decoration

A copper bottle holder in the shape of a still. Ideal for displaying and safely storing fine drinks.

Item number: E-5440
Product weight: 1740 g
Shipping Weight: 2500 g


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"CopperGarden®" bottle holder "Alembik 2,5L",  oxidized - for decoration

Bottle holder / stand for bottles of up to 1 liter volume! This elegant bottle holder is suitable for elegant and attractive table displays of fine spirits (or for safe-keeping at boisterous festivities). Regardless of whether in a restaurant or at home, the bottle holder fits in well everywhere.

A stylish present for all friends and lovers of fine wine …  

  • Width approx. 340 mm, depth approx. 165 mm, height approx. 400 mm
  • Copper weight: approx. 815 grams
  • Total weight: 1570 grams
  • Packaged weight: 1850 grams
  • Shipping weight: 2200 grams
  • Material: oxidized copper, hammered by hand, polished and coated with protective lacquer   
  • Use: Decoration & holder for bottles of up to 1 liter volume

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