CopperGarden copper bucket / pail, approx. 8L

Bucket / pail hand-forged out of plain copper and sure to be an indestructible acquisition for generations. Long-lasting quality.

Item number: E-9394
Product weight: 1530 g
Shipping Weight: 2200 g


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"CopperGarden" copper bucket / pail (8 L)

   A heavy, sturdy copper bucket with a capacity of about 8 liters. It is a great idea to have a bucket like this for your garden work. Indestructible and, because of the special features and trace elements in copper, it is the best thing you can do for your plants. For example, when you mix potting soil in the pail or water the plants with the bucket, you enrich your garden with important copper trace elements.  

  Also ideally suited for collecting the distillate when you distil using a large still. Of course, this bucket is suitable for many other purposes, and it looks good, too. Quality to last generations!  

  • CopperGarden® copper bucket / pail
  • Height of bucket 220 mm, total height with raised handle 400 mm
  • Diameter of bottom 220 mm, diameter of upper rim 280 mm
  • Weight of copper 1,85 kilos

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