"CopperGarden®" copper funnel 16 cm

Copper funnel with loop to hang-up for fast filling of bottles and casks.

Item number: E-4948
Product weight: 170 g
Shipping Weight: 490 g


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"CopperGarden®"copper funnel 16cm

   A smoothly polished, cone-shaped funnel made of plain copper for decanting liquids. The funnel is hand-forged, and the spout made as small as possible in diameter so that it can be easily fitted into a water bottle or carboy. 

  It is certainly the best for your distillate if you want to distil straight from the still into a container. Also suitable for filtering with filter paper (pleated filter). 


  • CopperGarden copper funnel
  • 15 cm diameter, Diameter spout: 1,5 cm
  • 12 cm total height, spout length 4 cm
  • with loop to hang-up, item weight: ca 120 g

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