Cooking Spoon with hole S = 25 cm - made from beech wood

Handy 25 cm cooking spoon with hole. Untreated beech wood, perfectly suitable for coated cookware.

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Small cooking spoon with hole

The shape is most important! Wonderful beech wood in a shape that guarantees you can reach every corner of your pots and it will not cause any scratches. The cooking spoon is environmentally neutral and food-safe. 

In order for this cooking spoon to last a long time, please apply a good food oil once in a while to close the pores. 

  • Handy cooking spoon with hole
  • Handmade from untreated beech wood
  • scratch-proof, ideal for coated pots and pans
  • Made in a small European family business

<h2>Small cooking spoon with hole</h2> <ul> <li>Handy cooking spoon with hole</li> <li>scratch-proof, ideal for coated pots and pans</li> <li>Material: untreated beech wood</li> <li>Specifications: 25 cm long</li> <li>Head: 4.2 cm diameter</li> <li>Height: ca. 9 mm</li> <li>Sustainable &amp; Vegan</li> <li>Handmade, made in Europe</li> <li>Perfect shape with hole</li> <li>Handle remains cool while cooking</li> <li>For all coatings and materials</li> <li>For copper, tin, ceramic, plastic, glass etc.&nbsp;</li></ul>

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