"CopperGarden®" Set 3x Casserole/Copper Pot in different sizes

This copper pot set will soon be one your favorite cooking tools of all times. Thanks to the tin coating you can even prepare acidic meals without risking your pot to be damaged. Also suitable for frying.

Item number: T-4793
Product weight: 4900 g
Shipping Weight: 7000 g


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   These heavy casseroles have a tinned interior suitable for food safe cooking and will be delivered in different sizes - each pot individually usable for all sorts of food depending on your wishes and ideas.

   We offer our copper pots in high quality - this way they are very uncomplicated in use thanks to the silvery tinning and smooth surface which prevents oxidation of the copper material. Nevertheless, you will benefit greatly from the excellent heat conductivity that copper is very famous for. We are very sure that by cooking with our copper pots, you will never want to cook in any other pot again.

  • Casserole 16 cm Diameter ca. 15,5 cm, Height ca.: 9,5 cm,  Weight ca.:   1 kg
  • Casserole 20 cm Diameter ca. 19,5 cm, Height ca.: 11,5 cm, Weight ca.:  1,5 kg
  • Casserole 24 cm Diameter ca. 23,5 cm, Height ca.: 13,5 cm, Weight ca.:  2 kg

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