"Prestige" defoamer / anti-foaming agent, 20 ml

Highly efficient defoamer / anti-foaming agent for the production of alcohol. Reliably prevents the over-production of foam in mash and during distillation.

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   Defoamer or anti-foaming agent is a significant help during distillation and mashing. In particular this very efficient defoamer Prestige has stood the test, in our opinion. Even the smallest amount is sufficient to prevent the over production of foam and boiling over of the mash during distillation. Some fruit mash (e.g. cherry) tend to froth a lot and the foaming over results in quite a mess and entails an unpleasant clean-up job. Thanks to the Prestige anti-foaming agent, frothing over is guaranteed to be a thing of the past.

   Prestige defoamer has further advantages, because the silicone-based product is not absorbed by the distillate during distillation – and that is possible with only a few defoamers. Your distillate remains pure despite the use of this product.  

   During fermentation, Prestige anti-foaming agent can also be added in order to make better use of the size of the container. In this case, foaming is effectively prevented and you can fill the fermentation container significantly more than would be normally possible.   

  • Prestige M10 defoamer
  • 20 ml glass bottle

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