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"CopperGarden®" Copper Mash Sieve (30L) - prevents burning of the mash

Copper mash sieve to prevent burning, scorching and sticking of the mash to the boiler during distillation

Item No.: E-3354

Shipping weight: 1000 g

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   Mash sieves made from copper are used to prevent the mash burning, scorching and sticking to the bottom of the boiler. Especially useful for coarse mash which has pieces not completely fermented (e.g. stones and peel - these do not sink to the bottom of the boiler and burn on there when using a mash sieve.

   The mash sieve is placed on the bottom of the boiler and prevents the coarse ingredients from touching the boiler and therefore burning on to it.


  • diameter: approx. 29,5 cm
  • Copper mash sieve, handcrafted
  • to use for stills of 30 liter holding capacity
  • EU brand quality

Regardless of the respective legal requirements, Destillatio offers a dealer warranty of 2 years for this product. Please click here to view complete Destillatio guarantee policy


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