"Al-Ambik®" yeast nutrient salt (100 g) for optimal alcohol yield from your mash

Yeast nutrient salt in 100 gram container for up to 500 liters of mash or must – reclosable and ideal as reserve supply if you often ferment.

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"Al-Ambik®" yeast nutrient salt (100 g)


   Yeast nutrient salt for the optimal alcohol yield when fermenting mash. This yeast nutrient salt is beneficial for the growth of yeast. Only if there is a sufficient supply of these nutrients can the yeast grow rapidly and you can obtain the desired alcohol yield from your mash. 


   We supply a reclosable plastic container with 100 grams of yeast nutrient salt. Add up to 40 grams of the nutrient salt to 100 liters of mash. The contents is sufficient for at least 250 to 500 liters of mash or must. 


   In addition to the yeast nutrient salt you should also add a selected yeast to your fruit mash, and ideally check the Ph in advance and reduce the value to an optimal 3,5 with lactic acid. This provides your mash with the best requirements for safe and successful fermentation and faulty fermentation is averted.



  • Al-Ambik yeast nutrient salt
  • 100 grams for up to 500 liters   
  • Optimized for production of alcohol
  • Reserve supply in reclosable container 


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