"Worry-free" accessory set with pump | For stills from 3 liters and up.

Carefully curated accessory set with the long-established KING-1A submersible pump from "Resun". Everything you need to connect a secure cooling water circulation system for most stills ranging from 3 liters to 30 liters boiler capacity. Note: We offer a special set with a weaker pump for smaller stills.

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"Worry-free" accessory set for hobby stills from 3 liters

This wonderfully coordinated accessory set includes everything you need to distill "worry-free" with any still ranging from 2 liters to 30 liters boiler capacity. The primary focus of this setup is the cooling circuit, as functional and even cooling is crucial for the distillation of flavors and essential oils, and also plays a significant role in alcohol distillation.

Everything you need to connect a functional cooling water circuit to your still is included in this set. You will receive the long-proven and powerful "Resun" KING-1A pump, a sturdy plastic valve, and two meters of plastic tubing in four different sizes, each. The tubing can be softened in warm water and easily connected together, allowing you to attach the pump to any diameter, regardless of the conditions at your home and the type of still you use.

In addition, the set includes a 10-liter plastic tray as a cooling water reservoir, a cleaning brush, a floating thermometer to measure the cooling water temperature, a roll of sealing tape to seal the still, and a "Hecht Assistent" 100 ml glass measuring cylinder of the highest laboratory quality, made in Germany. With these tools, you can safely collect and measure your distillate.

We particularly recommend paying attention to strong cooling, especially when distilling essential oils. From experience, we know that the quality and quantity significantly improve with effective cooling. The cooling water set should be ordered as an accessory for every still. Alternatively, we offer complete "Worry-free" sets with still, thermometer, cooling water hoses, hot plates, and excellent user manuals to make your entry into the world of distillation even easier.

Why you should order this "Worry-free" cooling water set from us:

  • We are professionals when it comes to distilling and know from our own experience what you need and what fits together.
  • We can offer the many accessories at a cheaper price in a set, and you will need them if you are serious about distilling.
  • The set is perfectly suited for all the stills we know of, with boiler capacities of up to 30 liters.
  • With the accessories, you can easily connect your still at home and start distilling successfully right away.
  • You will achieve more intense flavors and larger quantities of essential oil with good cooling.

Note: We also recommend this set for the 2-liter LEONARDO stills, and it can also be used for the 2-liter EASY MOONSHINE stills.

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<h1>"Resun" KING-1A Submersible Pump</h1> <ul> <li>Wonderfully reliable pump</li> <li>Proven bestseller for many years</li> <li>Suitable for continuous operation</li> <li>Maximum delivery head of 120 cm</li> <li>Pump output of up to 600 liters per hour</li> <li>Temperature resistant up to 60u00b0C water temperature</li> <li>Maximum power consumption of 10 watts</li> <li>230 Volt AC / 50 Hz</li> <li>Tu00dcV ISO 9001: 2000 certified</li> <li>Delivery: EU version with Euro plug</li> <li>With 170 cm cable</li> <li>Made in China</li> <li>Reliable aquarium pump</li> <li>Suitable for continuous operation</li> <li>Also suitable as a cooling water pump during distillation</li> <li>WEEE 19422656 compliant</li> <li>Delivery with adapters in 10mm and 12mm diameters</li> <li>Fast shipping from the center of Germany</li> </ul> <h2>What else is included in the "Worry-free" distilling set?</h2> <ol> <li>E-6171 1 roll of sealing tape, 12 meters - PTFE thread sealing tape</li> <li>E-6218 2 PVC hoses u00f88 x 11 mm | transparent and food-safe</li> <li>E-2289 1 "Ferrari" floating thermometer | 0u00b0 - 45u00b0C | cooling water thermometer</li> <li>E-2326 1 "Hecht" 100ml measuring cylinder | AR-laboratory glass</li> <li>E-6225 2 PVC hoses u00f810 x 13 mm | transparent and food-safe</li> <li>E-6232 2 PVC hoses u00f812 x 16 mm | transparent and food-safe</li> <li>E-6263 2 PVC hoses u00f86 x 8 mm | transparent and food-safe</li> <li>G-1701 1 "Resun" KING-1A submersible pump | 120 cm delivery head | 600 L/hour</li> <li>G-1695 1 plastic rinsing bowl, 10.5 liters - gray</li> <li>G-1626 1 test tube brush, 20 mm | natural bristles with soft woolen tip</li> <li>G-6980 1 "Ferrari" shut-off valve | for u00f810 mm hoses</li> </ol>

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