Accessory Set with water pump for copper stills between 3 - 20 L

Accessory set with water pump for our copper stills to ensure efficient cooling during distillations. Suitable for stills between 3 - 20 liters

Item number: T-6230
Product weight: 2000 g
Shipping Weight: 3000 g


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We thought you might enjoy these little helpers and that's why we combined them in a set:

 - sealing tape, 3 different silicone hoses, a floating thermometer, 

 - a measuring cylinder, the resun 1A king cooling water pump, a cleaning bowl and a little brush 

Just the right tools for setting up a very efficient water cooling system. This set can be used for our copper stills for up to 20 liters.

  • accessory set for distillations with our copper stills between 3 - 20 liters
  • guarantees efficient cooling during distillation
  • please see product description for set details

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