"CopperGarden®" spare part | ø65 mm sealing ring for EasyMoonshine distillery

Here you get the silicone sealing ring (ø 65 mm) of the EasyMoonshine distilleries as a spare part. Sealing ring for the 2 litre Easy Moonshine from year of manufacture 2018 onwards

Item number: U-8082
Product weight: 5 g
Shipping Weight: 200 g


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Spare part: ø65mm silicone sealing ring

You have lost the seal of your EasyMoonshine still? No problem, we can supply the right spare part for your EasyMoonshine distillery from 2008 onwards.

If you are looking for another part for your distillery but cannot find it here, please ask us by e-mail. We can supply all components and even forge new ones for you if necessary.

  • Original CopperGarden® spare part seal for 2 litre EasyMoonshine distillery
  • Perfectly fitting silicone seal for the EasyMoonshine distillery from 2018 onwards
  • These sealing rings are made of food-safe silicone.

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