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"Al-Ambik®" thermometer for distillation (6 cm)

Distillation thermometer made in Germany, specially constructed for distillation requirements according to German industry standards and guaranteed to measure exactly to the degree!

Item No.: E-2227

Shipping weight: 180 g

Availability: Immediate delivery from warehouse

"Al-Ambik®" thermometer for distillation 

   This special distillation thermometer was developed specially for distillation requirements and produced by a specialist company in Germany. The accuracy of the gauge complies with the German industry standards and is guaranteed to measure exactly to the degree.

   The sensor was designed to extend 10 cm into the steam and to react very quickly to any temperature change. Exactly what we need during distilling in order to measure the temperature of the steam correctly.  

   The thermometer can be mounted on almost all stills and is suitable for doing-it-yourself. Delivery includes top quality installation material (copper washer & brass screw). For installation you only have to drill an 8 mm hole (or even better 7,5 mm), insert the sensor and attach the thermometer using the copper washer and the brass screw.

Please note: If you order the thermometer together with a still from us then we install the thermometer in our warehouse.


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