SET: "Al-Ambik®" Alcoholmeter with 100ml "Hecht" measuring cylinder | Laboratory glass.

Cheaper in the SET: You will receive the wonderful "Al-Ambik®" Universal Alcoholmeter together with the 100 ml "Hecht" measuring cylinder made of finest laboratory glass. This combination is perfect for conveniently measuring the percentage of alcohol in self-distilled beverages as well as in purchased spirits, brandies, and schnapps. Please note: We recommend ordering an additional 250 ml measuring cylinder. For particularly high-proof alcohols, the 100 ml measuring cylinder may be too small and the alcoholmeter may rest on the bottom.

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Set: Alcoholmeter & Measuring Cylinder

The high-quality "Al-Ambik®" alcoholmeter with its wide measuring range from 0 to 100% Vol reliably measures the alcohol content of your homemade and purchased spirits and should not be missing in any household. Thanks to the integrated thermometer in the measuring spindle, corrections for deviations from the ideal measuring temperature of 20°C are immediately visible. You will always obtain the correct alcohol content.

It is quite interesting to measure your home bar, but an alcohol meter like this is also essential for adjusting the finished spirit to drinking strength during distillation and blending.

To make measuring convenient, this set includes a well-fitting 100 ml measuring cylinder from the laboratory equipment manufacturer "Hecht" in Mainsondheim in the Rhön region. Please note that, contrary to the initial illustration, we provide a high-quality measuring cylinder of the brand "Hecht Assistent" made of laboratory glass in this new configuration. The set is suitable for alcohol strengths up to 65, maximum 70% Vol. If you want to measure higher-proof alcohol, you will need a larger measuring cylinder because the long alcohol meter rests on the bottom from approximately 70% Vol and cannot dip further.



Why you should buy this alcohol meter with the measuring cylinder

  • The alcohol meter and the measuring cylinder go together. Here in the set, you get both at a slightly cheaper price.
  • The set is ideal for measuring the alcohol content of all spirits, liquors, and schnapps, up to about 70% Vol.
  • You will receive the best possible quality from an honest German manufacturer.
  • High-quality premium products from the German brands "Hecht Assistent" and "Al-Ambik®"
  • Also suitable for measuring smaller quantities of alcohol, starting from about 70ml.

"A man who thinks rightly must hold onto the best tools."

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust)

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<h1>Set for Measuring the Alcohol Content of Spirits</h1> <ul> <li>Included in the set: 0-100% Vol alcohol meter with integrated thermometer from the German premium brand "Al-Ambiku00ae"</li> <li>Included in the set: 100 ml measuring cylinder made of robust laboratory glass from the German premium brand "Hecht Assistent"</li> <li>Both devices are made in Germany</li> <li>Best brand quality for accurate measurement results</li> <li>High-quality universal alcohol meter with thermometer in a measurement range of 0-100% Vol</li> <li>Also suitable for measuring smaller quantities of alcohol starting from approximately 70 ml</li> <li>Perfect for measuring alcohol-water mixtures up to a maximum of 70%</li> <li>For higher-proof alcohol, we recommend an additional 250ml measuring cylinder</li> <li>Cheaper as a set: alcohol meter &amp; measuring cylinder</li> <li>CO2-neutral fast shipping from the center of Germany</li> </ul>

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