"Prestige" Ambrosia Brandy Aroma Essence 20 ml

Ambrosia Brandy aroma essence to use along with your favorite beverages. You can distill your own high proof alcohol and use these aromas to make your own unique creations or simply add it to a finished tasteless alcohol

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   Ambrosia Brandy aroma essence for 0,75 L of pure alcohol with fresh aroma. You can use it for whatever you may find suitable to create a fine beverage.

   You can also distill your own vodka and then use our high-quality aromas along with it to produce very tasty beverages. The essences are made of all natural ingredients. 20 ml added to 750 ml of pure alcohol are sufficient to create a full taste in your drink.

  • Schwedische Brandyaroma Essenz
  • 20 ml = ausreichend für 0,75 Liter Brandy
  • Zutaten: Natürliche und Eichenextrakte, natürliche und und naturidentische Cognacaromen, Cognacöl, Zuckercoleur

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