"Baldini" Organic Aroma Vanilla obtained by by alcohol extraction5 ml

Vanilla flavors finally reconquer the kitchens again! These aromas are perfect to disperse a pleasant scent into a room as well as being highly effective for aroma therapies and cooking alike. Contains alcohol.

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With "Baldini" aromas it is a real pleasure to prepare and enjoy a nicely flavored meal due to their outstanding qualities and unique characteristics.

Baldini flavors are very popular in the kitchen, adding a very unique and special taste to your food while cooking or by applying them afterwards. Using them in salads truly is a completely uncommon but highly welcome experience.You can also experiment with different flavors and take it to the next level by creating a Vanilla foam and apply it on a delicious fish fillet - you will definitely taste the difference! The possibilities with these aromas are nearly endless. This 100% natural vanilla aroma is made from organic essential oil obtained by by alcohol extraction, carefully produced to ensure a high quality.

  • organic, obtained by by alcohol extraction
  • 100 % natural aroma
  • 5 ml in little brown glass bottle

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